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Wait…… Where am I?

Sorry folks, not much baseball in this one, this one’s actually about me. [Crowd Groans] The following is a lil thing that a wrote a little over a year ago, I just copied and pasted it. For your reading pleasure, I present to you:
Wait….. Where am I?
I’ve moved around so many different places that I sometimes honestly forget where I am.

My most recent example happened just a couple minutes ago. I heard sirens outside my ground floor apartment, I decided to look out the window to see what was going on. I tripped out for a minute when I looked out my window because I was expecting to see the 2nd story view of outside from my old apartment in Hoover!! That’s pretty understandable though, I had just moved out of that place a couple weeks ago. Things like that happen to me often though, and it’s only get worse with evey move!!

More Examples:

For the last couple years, I’d be sitting in my bedroom and realize that I need to go use the bathroom. Basic human function, you learn to do it at a very young age, go to the bathroom, then use it. Well, I’ve had to stop many times before I opened my bedroom door to figure out which house or apartment I am in and where the bathroom was!! Honest to God, TRUE STORY!! Can’t find the bathroom in my own house.

Went to the Best Buy in Birmingham on Highway 280 today for “Operation: Must Get XM Radio.” I struck out with the XM, and I was so confused when I walked outside to the parking lot because it looked nothing like the Best Buy that I subconciously thought I was at in Augusta, GA!! I haven’t even been to Augusta in almost exactly ONE YEAR!!!

I was talking to a friend of mine tonight who lives in Gadsden, AL, which is a place that I actually used to live and a place that I’ve spent a lot of time. She told me she was in Old Navy doing a little shopping. Well, ya know when you’re talking to somebody on the phone and they say that they’re somewhere, you kinda try to picture it in your mind? I must have had 30 Old Navys pop up in my head before I could even picture what the Old Navy that she was at looked like.

Last week I had decided that I wanted to go to Target to get a few things for the house. The first thing you do, usually without even realizing it, when you decide to go someplace is get a mental picture of that place and plan a route to get there. People do it without even thinking about it. Well, I was walking out my door with my route of travel in my head….. when I realized I was not in Lafayette, LA!! I stood, staring at my car to realize where I was and figure out how to get to Target which is literally right down the highway from where I live, no turns involved.

Whenever I get hungry, it becomes a difficult geography homework assignment. I’d be sitting on the couch, for example, and decide that I want some Arby’s (and the cowboy hat would appear over my head, just like the commercials.) It takes me a pretty good moment to figure out what city and state I am in, and usually longer than that to figure out where the nearest Arby’s is. I literally picture 10-15 of the roast beef heavens in 2-4 states before I can figure out which one was neaest tor me.

I could think of many many more examples of this little problem I have, but it would only make you think I’m crazier!! I’m not crazy!! It’s not my dumb brain or alzheimer’s which is causing this, it’s just my life…

Let me give my friends who haven’t known me too awful long a litte rundown of what they’ve missed. This may give them a better understanding of the root my problem. In the last 8 years I have lived numerous places and had 2 jobs that required extensive travel. Here are the places I have lived (or stayed for work for at least 3 months) since 2001, in chronological order:
Anniston, AL
Tupelo, MS
Gadsden, AL
Suburbia north of Birmingham, AL
Nashville, TN
Clarksville, TN
Augusta, GA
Huntsville, AL
Lafayette, LA
Suburbia south of Birmingham, AL

Places I stayed for at least a month at a time while working with Ruby Tuesday, in paragraph form to conserve space:
The Birmingham area; Texarkana,TX; Shreveport, LA (twice); Memphis; Jackson, TN; Troy, AL; Montgomery, AL; Chattanooga, TN; Biloxi, MS; New Iberia, LA; Fort Payne, AL; Nashville, TN  ….. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few.

Places I travelled in the South Atlantic League last year. Usually 3-4 days at a time, all places 1 to 3 times: Rome, GA; Charleston, SC; Charleson, WV; Columbus, GA; Savannah, GA; Greenville, SC; Lakewood, NJ; Salisbury, MD; Lexington, KY; Greensboro, NC; Kannapolis, NC; and finally…. Asheville, NC. And 6 weeks in Scottsdale for Spring Training.

I have a collection of hotel key cards that is about 100 strong from all my random travels.