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I Love Insomnia

Clubhouse manangement is not for anybody who’s seeking a Monday thru Friday 9-to-5er. This job couldn’t possibly be anything further than a 9-to-5er, and it likely couldn’t be anything further from routine. Sure, the majority of a professional baseball team’s games are going to be at 7:05, but the ‘powers that be’ like to mix in occasional 12:35’s, 2:05’s and toss in a random 10:35am game here and there.

For a 7:05 game, I’ll get to work around 10am that morning. If I’m lucky, I’ll be done by 1am that night. If we go extra innings or Mother Nature decides she’s upset with me, I could be there till 4am. If there’s an 12:35er scheduled for tomorrow, I’ll be lucky if it’s 4am. By 8am the following morning, I’ve hit snooze three times and I’m getting started on my day. Work done at 5pm, boom, nap time.

My homestand “routine” is sandwiched between two always exciting bus days. The team bus will arrive back at the ballpark from a roadtrip sometime around…… whenever. If there was a day game in Huntsville, it may be 6pm. Extra inning rain delayed game in Carolina? They might be back 8am the following morning….. which may also be the day of another glorious 7:05 home game.  Once the bus pulls in, it’s my resposibility to unload it, unpack the gear, and wash the laundry that’s been sitting underneath the bus for several hours. I shoot for getting it all accomplished in four hours. Maybe then I can sleep again, or maybe then I start getting ready for the next game.

Loading the bus is a lot more fun, it signifies my “Friday” and the beginning of my “weekend.”. The bus generally leaves the morning after the last game of the homestand (In the case of a longer bus ride, they may leave immediatley after the last game of the homestand.) If the bus is scheduled to depart the stadium at 8am, I’ll wake up around 6:30. 8:01, as soon as that bus leaves, boom, nap time. Nap time over around noon, or maybe 2:00, or maybe 5:00. I don’t really care, it’s the weekend!

If I punched an actual time card, it’d probably look a little like this:

Monday 7pm-5am

Tuesday 10:30am-3am

Wednesay 10am-4:30am

Thursday 7am-7pm

Friday 11am-2am

Saturday 6am-9am

Soooooo….. when the baseball season is over, do you think it’s pretty easy to adjust back to a human sleep schedule? You’re right, it’s not. For the first month or so, My internal clock still keeps me up till at least 2am every night. EVERY NIGHT. But I take a month vacation after the season, so it’s cool, I can sleep until noon everyday and that’s allowed. When October rolls around, it’s time to get back to work (AKA, a crappy offseason job.) I’m still staying up till 3am, even though I have to get up at 8am. The next night, even though I had to get up 8am that morning, I’m still up well past midnight. It’s usually not until December that I’ve adjusted to reality.

This offseason, however, is different. I can probably count the nights that I’ve been to bed before midnight on one hand. I may be tired, but I’m still reading a book, watching an old Kevin Smith movie, or catching up on baseball news till whenever o’clock a.m. Tonight, my insomnia enabled me to publish a blog about my insomnia at 1:30am.