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Don’t forget, you can see real time clubbie info by following me on Twitter as @MiLBClubbie. I tweet often and post quite a few pictures too. Just another way to get behind the scenes access to minor league baseball.




You can also ‘like’ “Inside the Clubhouse” on Facebook. Here, you can find links to every post, in case you somehow miss one for some reason, see pictures of ballparks and events from around minor league baseball, and discuss the “Inside the Clubhouse” posts. You’ll catch little tidbits of information that you won’t see anywhere else, too.



New Facebook Page

Here is the link to the new Facebook page of “Inside the Clubhouse.”


I began this page in hopes that I may ease communication between myself and the reader. Readers of this blog, to this point, must have had a MLB.com profile to leave comments or ask questions. Now, they must simply have a Facebook profile.

Links to all new articles will be posted on this Facebook page.I’ll also be adding links to other articles, writers, and interesting stuff for my readers. I won’t over do it, so don’t expect me to annoyingly clog up your news feeds. Don’t worry.

Please, feel free to comment, critique, and ask any question that comes to mind. Also, feel free to post links to things that you have that the rest of us may find interesting. Suggest this page to your friends.


Jeff Perro